Of all of the assignments I have obtained, this is the craziest one yet. I’ve been working as a Toronto escort for nearly 3 years now. I enjoy the work, and I have been lucky with the people that get my services. My clients normally request for the usual stuff. The standard 3 things that my clients normally request is a blowjob, missionary style sex and also anal sex. Did I say that I am more than eager to carry out all those mentioned acts? I do believe I provide quality service as I have a few clients who keep on coming back to me.

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This one is a new one. I have tried asking my other pals who are also hot Perth escorts and no None of my great escorts friends recognize who this guy is. My boss commented that he sounded strange. My boss had been quick to assure me that he didn’t sound scary though, just a little unusual. He told him that he would like someone that will tie him down and spank him. He’d recently been a bad boy, he stated. He really wants to get spanked in his dungeon. He requested my employer to allocate him a tough woman to give him an actual spanking.

My employer thinks that I am the perfect choice for this task. Most people think that I am a tough woman. Despite having real nice clients, I have handled some awful ones and came out unaffected. Of course, I’m able to do it.

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I know all about BDSM, bondage and all that, not from my work as an escort. I had a partner once who was simply so into it. It became a routine for him to tie me down using his leather belt during our sex sessions. He would begin jerking off while I pleaded him for him to untie me. He’d keep on going with it and torture me. He’d begin to stimulate me using a dildo, his fingers ,his tongue and of course,his dick. I would get turned on by all of this and would be much more eager for my hands to be free so I could run my hands all over him.

I’ve in no way been the one dishing out the actual punishment during BDSM and bondage though. This would be a good chance for me to expand my horizons and widen my skill set. I’ve done some research on this. As I’m typing this, I’m already visualising the scenes that will soon take place.

I would surely want to make my new client lust for me the minute he lays his sight on me. I would don a nice dress matched with a pair of similarly nice heels. To be specific, I would don the catsuit that I purchased for Halloween. Several of my clients have seen me in my catsuit and all of them liked it. The catsuit would certainly go well with a pair of black killer heels.

My boss has instructed me to meet this client in his own apartment. I hope he really has a “dungeon” because I would certainly force him to crawl around that dungeon on all fours. I’d then use spreader bars in order to cuff him. I could see myself holding a whip and disciplining my bad boy. If he has a fucking machine, then better! I’d use that on him… and possibly on myself as well!

I am so eager to let him know precisely what I’m capable of. My mind is actually dizzy right now with this fantasy. I can’t wait to find out just how my bad boy looks like. I’m really quite surprised about myself. I never thought that I could be so turned on by imagining myself dominating someone else. I’m actually getting wet right now just writing about it. LOL! I’m logging off now because I have to get my catsuit and high heels ready.