Capitalizing on New Year’s Resolutions with Your PT Business

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There is no more popular time to plan for big changes than the New Year. We are all guilty of having made a resolution around that time, for better or worse. Especially in regard to our personal health and fitness though, January is the time to plan for using the “New Year, New Me” philosophy.

This can work out fantastically well for many people, giving them the all-important starting push to reach their fitness goals. Another important player and possible beneficiary in this system is you, the personal trainer. It is highly likely that this will be one of you busiest times of the year. Therefore, it is essential that you are prepared.

Offer Bulk Class Discounts

While new clients signing up in the light of a new year’s morning is great, what you want to achieve is a high retention rate beyond the short term. This is never easy, especially with the sometimes frivolous nature of a new year’s resolution. However if you attach clients to longer term commitments, there is a good chance to retain their custom after overcoming the difficult beginnings. Even in the case that they do not remain, you have still covered you cost for a number of the following months.

Be Approachable

A big part of the fear among people who do not use a personal trainer is just a lack of knowledge or a fear of the unknown. Entering a gym or speaking with a personal trainer can be a daunting and intimidating process for a newcomer. They will likely have many questions and often a less than basic understanding of many things you consider routine. If you want to maximize your business, it is your job to be the educator and helpfully guide your potential clients through the process. This will ensure that not only will your business volumes and reputation increase, you will also derive immense satisfaction from watching the development of your new clients.

Get Your Message out there

This stage can be pivotal to the success or failure of your ideas. You have to grind and work hard to promote your business and ideas. This means mounting intensive advertising campaigns, not only online but also by hitting the street and making your voice heard. This is only one stage though. To adequately convert your leads from advertising into actual clients, you will need to possess the correct technical infrastructure. This means implementing a convenient and trustworthy booking system which you clients can access and use easily.

Final Thoughts

January is the peak time where your personal training business can excel. This requires dedication and know how on many fronts. The dedication comes from both yours and the client’s side, though this can be somewhat mitigated by signing your clients up on multiple month discounts. With the correct technologies, booking systems and marketing strategy made simple and effective, the opportunities to grow your business in the new year are unlimited.

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