Foods to Improve Joint Mobility in Your PT Clients

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As we age, many things in our lives change. Most are for the better, however, some require attention. One of the things which we can begin to lose gradually over time is our mobility. This is a slow change, contributed to by many factors. There are however, many ways in which it can be combatted. One of the easiest ways to implement is through the food we eat. Here are a few of the best foods you can incorporate into your diet to improve joint health.

Bone Broth

Although bone broth has been around since ancient times, it is experiencing something of a revolution of late. It was always a food, sourced directly from animals, which was very high in collagen, gelatin and other highly beneficial nutrients.

These, along with glucosamine and other vitamin compounds found in bone broth have been shown as highly effective in combating joint problems. The collagen and gelatin are directly responsible for helping encourage the speedy repaid or strengthening of cartilage. Cartilage damage over time is one of the leading causes of joint pain and reduced mobility.

There are many organic and very effective, bone broth protein supplements which you can recommend to your personal training clients where they can note a sizable boost in their joint health over time.


Blueberries have been widely heralded for a number of years with improving joint health among a number of other medical conditions. These make for an excellent addition to the diet of any client due to their superbly high antioxidant properties.

These antioxidants work not only to rid the body of toxins but also are effective in helping to reduce inflammation. By reducing inflammation around the joint areas, this inevitably leads to increased movement as joints become more rigid and inflamed as we get older or succumb to injury.

Together with helping to improve blood flow which assists in stimulating the joints further, blueberries are a savior for those suffering from joint stiffness and a lack of mobility through age or injury.

Ginger Extract

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Ginger is renowned for its widespread, cure-all, abilities. Ginger is helpful in everything from settling a nauseas stomach to reducing blood pressure. Mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is very useful and effective in treating joint pain and discomfort. This makes it an ideal supplement in the battle to increase mobility among your clients.

As well as the benefits your clients will derive in terms of their joint health, they will also notice a considerable improvement in other areas.

How Can This Help Your Business?

Ultimately, in your personal training business, as much as any business, your end goal is the satisfaction of your clients.

The health improvements which they will achieve from your food recommendations will in turn lead them to recommending your service to others. There are few methods more powerful than personal recommendations in business. This should help you see a healthy boost in your overall client numbers over time.

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